Waterlogic WL500 Sparkling Water Machine For Office

Waterlogic WL500 Sparkling Water Machine For Office

The Waterlogic WL500 is an advanced sparkling water dispenser for purity, quality and convenience. The WL500 sparkling water machine for office delivers exceptional sparkling water along with fulfilling your chilled and hot water needs. There are water options to suit every workplace and capacity to keep all employees hydrated. UV technology guarantees purity and our carbon filtration system means the water tastes beautiful, too.

The Waterlogic WL500 Features:

• Advanced carbonation technology to produce exceptional
sparkling water
• Ultraviolet technology to reduce bio-film build up and bacterial growth
• Designed for high capacity use
• Advanced Thermistor controls for more precise temperature control
• Offers a wide range of water options including hot and extra hot
• Available in tower and tabletop models
• Digital display with multiple language settings
• UV indicator and drip tray alarm
• Sleep mode to save energy when the machine is not in use
• High capacity drip tray with drainage option


Water Options:

  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Extra Hot
  • Sparkling


Tower Dimensions 17″ (W) x 50″ (H) x 17.75″ (D)
Counter Top Dimensions 17″ (W) x 18.75″ (H) x 17.75″ (D)
Tower Weight 104LBS
Counter Top Weight 35LBS
Dispense Area Height 6.75″
Standard Filtration Supplied 1 x Carbon Block (CBC)
Cold Capacity 2 liters
Hot Capacity 1.5 liters
Compressor 120v / 60Hz compressor
Water Temperatures Cold: 41°F – Hot: 189°F – Extra Hot: 203°F
Additional Features UV indicator, Filter timer, Sleep mode, Fully programmable


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