Waterlogic WL100 Water Filtration System For Office

Waterlogic WL100 Water Filtration System For Office

The Waterlogic WL100 Water Filtration System For Office is a practical hydration machine. The Waterlogic WL100 has been constructed to address the requirements of small to medium sized offices in an affordable fashion. This water filtration system for office offers a straightforward functionality that provides a reliable performance, dispensing fresh and clean drinking water for your office. Get an unlimited supply of the best in chilled, hot and ambient water. Choose from Tower and Countertop options to suit any workspace.

The Waterlogic WL100 Features:

• BPA Free and better for the environment.
• Recessed faucet to prevent contamination.
• BioCote antimicrobial protection to reduce the spread of germs.
• Ideal capacity for small workplaces.
• WQA/NSF 42 and 53 certified carbon filtration is recommended.
• Unlimited hot, cold and ambient water options.
• Easy connection to your existing water supply.
• Cost efficient model to fit any budget
• Robust components for reliable performance.
• Programmable hot tank can be disabled to provide ambient water.
• Sleep mode to conserve energy.


  • 10 cold cups at once (150ml cups)
  • 30 cold cups per hour (150ml cups)
  • 5 hot cups at once (150ml cups)
  • 40 hot cups per hour(150ml cups)


Capacity Cold: 30 cups per hour
Hot: 40 cups per hour
Dimensions 103 x 34,5 x 36,7 cm
Weight 28kg
Water options Hot & Cold

Ambient & Cold

Filtration technology Active carbon filter
Colour Silver/black
Dispensing area 22 cm


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