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No matter the size of your business, it is important that your staff is fueled with the proper foods. Micro Markets are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to keep your employees happy and healthy. Our easy-to-use micro market kiosks from Paravel are open 24/7, so your employees or guests can easily select their food or drinks and even pay for them via automated self checkout system.



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Micro Market provides the opportunity to offer healthier, fresher food choices and change up the traditional breakroom. A Micro Market is essentially a miniature convenience store that runs inside your business. Like a convenience store, a portion of your break room or cafeteria is transformed into stations that offer a variety of easily consumed food and drinks.  A Micro Market can be in your break room, a hallway, or any convenient location for your employees to grab a healthy meal, relax, and then get right back to work. This way, Micro Market makes warm, fresh food more accessible to your workplaces round the clock.  For employers, Micro Market provides the opportunity to offer healthier, fresher food choices and change up the traditional breakroom. Employers can support more diverse dietary needs and non-food items can also be offered. Micro Market brings a new level of service, selection, and satisfaction to your workplace.


Unlike traditional vending machines that require coins or perfectly crisp dollar bills, micro-markets allow for easy purchasing. Our easy-to-use micro market kiosks from Paravel come with an automated self-checkout system allowing your employees or guests to easily select their food or drinks and pay for it without the need for any assistance. From coin to cash to card, Micro Market vending service makes treating yourself to an afternoon snack easier than ever before. This perk saves employees from buying food at restaurants and saves employers from needing to employ staff to run a cafeteria.

Another factor that makes micro markets highly suitable for many workplaces is that they can accept prepaid cards, and employees don’t have to remember to bring their wallet to the breakroom to buy something to snack on. Employees can be given preloaded credit on an employee card or post payment cards. With a payment application like Monyx Wallet, employee cards can become virtual cards and employees can pay with their mobile phones. Consumer engagement capabilities enhance the customer experience and can reward employees with staff discounts or digital punch cards.


There are greater benefits in investing in a Micro Market than traditional vending machines. We all have experienced a broken vending machine in our lives. Dollar bills jam, items gets stuck, or they don’t even budge; we have all been in one of these situations before. With micro-markets, these annoying issues will be a problem of the past. The open shelves, coolers and storage allows for you to simply reach in and grab your desired product. You can now remove your local repairman’s phone number from your speed dial with comfort in knowing that you will never have to pry a jammed soda out again.
Because of the open market style, your employees will have more options to choose from a Micro Market than traditional vending machines. Grab-and-go micro-markets and beverage coolers allow for more options available because of their capacity. Micro Market vending also allows for healthier options including wrap, sandwiches, protein bars, yogurt, milk, fresh fruits, and more.
A Micro Market is more eco-friendly and cost saving than traditional vending machine. A Micro Market typically uses 70% less energy annually than traditional vending machines. So, a Micro Market is a great choice to meet your sustainability goal.
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Eco-Friendly Micro Market Solution

Is your company trying to reduce its impact on the earth? A micro-market typically uses 70% less energy annually than traditional vending machines. This type of vending is a great initiative to save money and promote eco-friendly awareness. Does your company have a “Green Team’? We will be more than happy to work with them to show all the available items that are either compostable, recyclable or biodegradable for your office coffee supply needs.

Personalized Micro Market Vending Service

We provide Micro Markets in size, types of equipment, shelving, coolers and freezers depending upon your customer number or employee head count.

Delivery & Stocking Included

We offer stocking of office snacks and beverages for your Micro Market including include sandwiches, salads, frozen meals, organic energy bars, fresh fruits, energy drinks, canned sodas, and more.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

With over 20 years experience, we offer experienced guidance to ensure your company has the right Micro Market selection, breakroom supplies, and everything your team needs to stay focused, inspired and productive.

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